About Us
YieldNest is a decentralized liquid restaking protocol providing an easy solution for ETH holders to natively restake their ETH into EigenLayer and earn rewards without sacrificing liquidity. A protocol designed to form a symbiotic relationship between stakers, Node Operators, and Actively Validated Services (AVSs). We are maximizing Yield for restakers and Node Operators by providing a protocol to connect restakers with Node Operators in a trust-minimized manner and simplifying the process of running ETH validators and Actively Validated Services on EigenLayer.

Traditional Finance has come to rely on the power of off-chain computation, since it allows their strategies to be proprietary and include the work of highly sophisticated data modeling, machine learning models which would be impossible to do On-chain. YieldNest aims to do all of this but without the tradeoff of centralization that exists in traditional finance thanks to its Validator Set.

Our Team

Amadeo's avatar

Amadeo Brands

Co-Founder & CEO

Veteran #DeFi user, advocate, Full-Stack DEV and educator/builder.

Shawns portrait

Shawn Fladager

Co-Founder & Front End Engineer

Software Engineer,
Crypto since 2017, entrepreneur/builder

Dan Octavian

Co-Founder & CTO

DeFi Engineer & Core Dev at Nexus Mutual. Built 8-figure TVL protocols on Ethereum.



Lead Engineer

DeFi builder. Previously built Horangi Cyber Security and Maple Finance.


Marting Krug's DeFi llama portrait

Martin Krung

Curve Finance BD Crypto native since 2011 - contributor curve.fi

Chad's avatar

ZK Sean

Expert DeFi Engineer. Built multiple successful DeFi protocols.

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Ivan On Tech

CEO of Moralis Money. Degen youtubooor. Over 500k followers on Youtube.

Portrait of Allen Day

Allen Day

Creator of Cloud crypto public datasets.

Edwards portrait

Edward P. Fricker

Legal counsel