About Us

YieldNest is a next-generation liquid restaking protocol that provides simple-to-understand, risk-adjusted restaking strategies.

We are not just providing a solution; we are shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to abstract away the complexities of restaking by building a one-stop-shop, easy-to-understand nLRT and LRT-based products with superior risk-adjusted returns

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Our Vision

YieldNest envisions a thriving and ever-expanding multi-sided restaking market across various verticals.

It aims to establish a long-term symbiotic relationship among restakers, node operators, and Actively Validated Services (AVS).

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Our team

Amadeo Brands

Co-Founder & CEO

Veteran DeFi user, advocate, Full-Stack DEV and educator/builder.

Shawn Fladager

Co-Founder & CPO

Software Engineer, Crypto since 2017, entrepreneur/builder.

Dan Octavian

Co-Founder & CTO

DeFi Engineer & Core Dev at Nexus Mutual. Built 9-figure TVL protocols on Ethereum.

Roy Selbach

Marketing Lead

Growth-hacker, Digital Entrepreneur, Exit Founder.



13+ years, Web3 Legal and Business Strategist.


Lead Engineer

DeFi builder. Previously built Horangi Cyber Security and Maple Finance.


Senior Developer

Built several distributed apps (staking + perps dexes)

ZK Sean

Senior Developer

Expert DeFi Engineer. Built multiple successful DeFi protocols.


Martin Krung

Curve Finance

Curve Finance BD Crypto native since 2011

Ivan On Tech


CEO of Moralis Money. Degen youtubooor. Over 500k followers on Youtube.

Allen Day


Creator of Cloud crypto public datasets.


Yearn Finance

Core developer at Yearn Finance.


Curve Finance

DeFi researcher with expertise in risk management and AMM design and optimization.

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